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Car Detailing Ottawa: What to choose automated wash or hand wash

Frank has been doing an excellent job by saving time. Everything is done with precision also. Experts from Franks shop in Ottawa never do a mistake. Therefore, you may able to get a good looking automobile after the service.

Due to requirement of the city its led the experts to decide several schemes. Car owners are helped certainly with the process. Therefore, utilization of both manual and automated technique can be observed. Each of these techniques has some benefits and drawback. By looking at the both techniques, a decision can be taken at the end.

Automated Car WashingCar Detailing Ottawa

Frank owns a number of car detailing shops in Ottawa and has introduced automated washing services. As an alternative to the hand washing techniques, automated service has been introduced. For the following reasons automated service may be preferred. However, there are frailties as well.


Body paint of the car is protected: Through the body paint, beauty of the car is always enhanced. Therefore, it has to be protected always. Due to use of hard brush, scratch may be noticed in the car. It may completely destroy the body paint also. In case of an automated service, work is done in gentle manner. Therefore, damage may not be seen at all.

Complete wash: Cleaning is done according to memory fed in the device. Therefore, each step of washing is done with perfection.

Cost effective: Modern car washing technique has been introduced with the automated version. Therefore, it manages to save a lot of water and time. As a result, cost cutting is noticed which leads to reduce in the service price also.

Saves time: Through an automated car wash service, cleaning can be completed in mere 10 minutes. Therefore, time is saved.

Customization: By combining care methods for several coats, customized wash of the car may be possible.


Reduced capacity:  Contact with the car may not be required for washing. Therefore, possibility of encountering grime may be seen.

Water spotting: Presence of water marks can be seen in the vehicle. Drying method is not always effective. It is especially true in case of using old equipments.

Costly: Due to specialized nature of the work, it is also considered as expensive.

Hand washing

Techniques of hand washing are considered as a traditional one. Development of technology has obliged people to use automated techniques. In spite of being an old technique, it has been performed by Franks shop.


Customization and Perfection: The cleaning is done through hand. Therefore, perfection can be ensured at the end of process. Physical contact with the car can be seen at the time. Therefore, coating strategy can be discussed before use. Dirt is completely removed from the car. However, it may take more to time to dry after waxing and claying.

Simple set-up: Through mere a sponge and bucket, work can be done.

Reach: From various areas of car body, dirt can be removed.


Poor finish: Following to the identification of dirt, cleaning is possible. However, person may not be good enough to deal with the situation.

Time consuming and labor extensive: It can be considered as time consuming and laborious affair.

Loss of water: Requirement of more water than automated service may be seen.

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